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Feature Film “Bernie”

Larry is a very authentic actor and an all-around good guy.  Working with him on the sermon scene was particularly fun; it wasn’t fully fleshed out, but he was very creative and extemporized many of the lines.

Rick Linklater Director/Bernie

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“ With 41+ acting credits under his belt and growing, Larry has been in a wide assortment of projects, however his latest project Bernie will be one to really watch out for where he will be starring with such heavyweights as Matthew McConaughey, Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine. What I like about Larry is he often posts updates on social networks on auditioning for a role, getting a role, filming the role, wrapping on the role, and again when the movie comes out. Few actors out there show a passion and appreciation for a project like Larry does. You can tell he really loves what he does. He’s an advocate for every project he works on and all around is a really and  nice caring guy to know or meet. ” –


Feature Film “Shroud”

Larry Jack Dotson is a great guy.  We had a wonderful time working with him on Shroud—everyone who has watched  it always compliments his performance as one of the strongest, if not the strongest and most natural.  A great actor to be sure.  We’ll definitely be inviting him back for Damascus.
David Jetre director of Shroud
“As assistant director on the feature film SHROUD, I had the pleasure of working with Larry and seeing first hand his ability as an actor. Larry came to the set prepared and offered a completely believable performance under difficult circumstances. I am of the opinion that Larry can pull off just about anything and I hope to work with him again in the future.”
Brad Stephens, Associate Producer, Assistant Director, Editor, Jetrefilm

Feature Film “The Stopping Place”

Working with Larry Jack Dotson on The Stopping Place was a great experience for me as a producer. Not only is he talented and affable but he was always well prepared, punctual and ready to work.
Larry’s a true professional who brings the necessary qualities to the set especially when time is a critical component of the equation.
Cheryl Hammer – Sweet Picture Films

Feature Film “The Fifth”

Having Larry on the cast of “The Fifth” was a real pleasure. He dove right in to the character, which really showed me the range he has as an actor. His character on “The Fifth” was a redneck that picks up a hitchhiker…and let me tell you, he couldn’t have done a better job. He was so much in character he found himself having trouble getting out of character after the shoot was done and we were eating lunch! I definitely will be casting Larry in my next feature as well!
Brad Eggerton, Writer/Director of “The Fifth”

Feature Film “What Is Gothic”

My name is Adrian Corona.  I am a filmmaker based in Coahuila, Mexico.  I produce mostly underground art films around Mexico.  I worked with Larry in March 2008 in an experimental film shot at an old hacienda in northern Mexico.  The shooting was intense and the subject matter, intricate.  Larry played a complex character: an alcoholic widower in a strange relationship with his daughter, son and a mystic visitor.  The nature of the story called for unusually long and complex monologues.  Larry was already on top of every line (despite the short time between) even before we brought him down to Mexico. His professionalism and natural talent during the shooting of the film deeply impressed the crew and other actors.   Larry is a passionate actor who sinks into the role.  I’ve only worked Larry once but hopefully it’s not the last.
A nice person, very committed to his work and easy to get along with.
Adrian Corona—Director/Producer What Is Gothic?

Short Film “Touched

Working with Larry Jack Dotson is a great experience.  In fact, any time I write a story, I try to fit Larry into the script.  One time while filming when Larry was on set, he played a funeral ceremony preacher.  I wrote the dialogue, but I did not block out the scene .  After everything was set up to look like a funeral, I realized that I didn’t know exactly how a funeral precession was supposed to go.  I went to Larry and asked for some advice.  He told me not to worry about it and that he could take care of it.  Not only did he instruct about twenty people, but he nailed his lines and the scene was done in three takes, which was only due to the wind and angle changes.  I think that Larry being able to give the funeral a realistic feel also allowed all of the other actors to get into their role much easier.
I was thoroughly impressed not only by his professionalism but his acting is spot on as well.
Chris Craft Saint Production

Short Film “Faux Finish”

Larry Jack Dotson is a pro!  He’s a Director’s actor: He never complains, he’s always positive and he’s incredibly talented.  I worked with Larry on my last short (Faux Finish), which was a blessing.  He brought a very dry and straight character to the film, which was much needed.  Even as a supporting character he steals the show.  In “Faux Finish” Larry becomes the antagonist I had envisioned—a subtle and ominous figure.  He really makes this film work.  Overall Larry Jack Dotson is a pleasure to work with.  He sees the big picture and takes direction with all elements of his character in mind.
I can’t wait to work together in the near future.
Director of “Faux Finish”, David Redish

Live Theater “To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday”

Paul, Esther’s husband, is delightfully created by Larry Jack Dotson. Dotson is the most natural of the cast, thinking about what he says, and actually letting moments happen. The audience perks up every time he enters, as when he’s around, he’s in control of the scene.
Clyde Berry/Theatre Critic-Pegasus News
Paul, played by the superb Larry Jack Dotson delivers the more comedic moments of the play.
Rick A. Elina/Theatre Critic-North Dallas Gazette
On Jan. 23 2009, Larry was awarded the Peoples Choice award for best actor for his role as Paul in To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday at the Mesquite Arts Center.

Feature Film “American Cartel”

“Larry Jack Dotson delivered a solid performance for me on American Cartel.  I had a role open in my film for a “Coroner” that required an authentic Texan accent…his delivery was so exceptional that I hired him on the spot.  I highly recommend Larry Jack and look forward to finding a home for him on my next film!”
Jesse Estrada, Writer & Director, American Cartel (2009)

Feature Film “The Youngest Was the Most Loved”

Working with Larry was a blast not only is he a talented professional who is well prepared and eager to work. He’s also a great guy to be around and can talk to anyone about anything. Even though he had only one scene he breathed life into his character and blew us all away. He turned a bit part into a commanding scene stealing performance that all of us still quote to this day. It was great as a first time director to be able to trust him and see how he inspired the others on set.  I can’t wait until I work with him again.
William Wasson writer/director The Youngest Was The Most Loved

Feature Film “The Sisters Four”

Working with Larry on “The Sisters Four” was a real pleasure. He was professional and upbeat at all times, even when the days got long and the rest of us were ready to fall over. Always on top of his lines, always gave an outstanding performance, and supported the production above and beyond his job as an actor.
A great guy to work with.
Jim DeVault Stone Bell Creations

TV Show “Friday Night Lights”

Larry did a great job as our small town sheriff!  Very natural and believable.
Easy to work with and followed direction well.
Michael Waxman/director FNL/NBC

Feature Film “The Reckoning”

I cast Larry Jack Dotson as the lead character in my film The Reckoning, who was supposed to be a
seventy-year old man.  He is obviously a little younger than that.  Larry Jack had sent me a few links to
his demo reel and I knew almost instantly that he was going to be Franklin Craft (with some slight
cosmetic alterations).  I thought the role was going to be fairly demanding and
challenging and Larry Jack pulled it off like a champion.
It was such a joy and an extreme honor to have him on my set.  As this was my first attempt at a feature length film, to say that I was inexperienced is to say the least.  The experience and knowledge that
he brought to my set alone was worth hiring him.  What he did with the character of Franklin Craft completely blew my mind.  His diverse range is something that I never expected.  He took fairly mundane scenes that I thought could have easily enough been thrown away and made them the highlight of this film.
He is so poised and professional while on the set, too.  He never wasted my time by not being prepared.  It is such an honor and a priviledge to have worked with him.  I brag about him to nearly everybody that I know.  He is such a trooper, as well.  Every time he showed up on set, we had to spray paint his hair white to make him look a little older and he never complained one time.  I drug him all over the place and he never said one word about it.  The man is all smiles, all the time.  I am going to jump through as many
hoops as I possibly can to work with him again.
My A.D., Jeff Hillary, loved Larry Jack so much that he wrote a role specifically for him in a feature
film that he is about to shoot.  I will write future roles for him specifically as well.
Jackie Karch Producer/Director “The Reckoning “(2010)

Feature Film “Revenge of the Grasshoppers”

Larry Jack Dotson is a valuable gem of an actor, on and off camera. He was so into character and delivered perfectly and consistently every time, as well as contributed a perspective to the role that added to the character. We only wish we had a larger role for him in this film.
We believe we will for the next. We had Larry cast with our first on film child actors. The scene went flawlessly due to Larry being that consistent and believable actor that he is. Looking forward to our next production with you Larry.
Dave and Glen Wise “Revenge of the Grasshoppers” Traveler Pictures

Short Film “Nothing Left”

I really enjoyed working with Larry on “Nothing Left.” He is an incredible actor and is very passionate about his work (even when he has a high fever)! Larry was 100% committed to giving a realistic portrayal of his character Judge Grayson, and the people who have seen my film comment on how professional Larry’s performance is. Larry is a kind-hearted individual who brings positive energy to those around him. I wish him great success with his acting career and would love to work with him again.
Matthan Harris, Writer/Director/Actor  “Nothing Left.”

TV Show “JFK: The Ruby Connection”

It’s always difficult to cast an actor in a look-alike role.  That’s the dilemma I faced for a Discovery Channel program about Jack Ruby.  Then among the dozens of head shots I happened upon a picture of Larry Jack Dotson.  I didn’t have any time for line reads,  I just had to hope that Larry would be able to pull off the role.  I was not disappointed.  He came to the set  prepared  and ready.  We restaged the killing in the parking garage and Larry perfected the lunge forward as he shoved the gun at Oswald.  And Larry didn’t complain when a dozen other extras wrestled him to the ground.  He did a great job with anything I threw at him – smoking cigars in night club scenes and navigating the labyrinth of the Dallas Police station to sneak into the basement.  I’d work with Larry again anytime.
Robert Erickson Producer/Director, Creative Differences

Short Film “Murder By Mistake”

Working with Larry Jack Dotson is every writer/director’s dream. When he takes on a role, he owns the character. He brings believability to the character whether a good ol’ boy, a doctor, a police desk sergeant, or whatever. When I saw his audition, I knew he was Sergeant Phillip Hammond, and he was. One of the things I appreciate about Larry is his preparation; no matter what size the role, he prepares as if it were the lead. I would cast Larry again in a heartbeat and look forward to doing so.
Carolyn Hodge, writer/producer/director, “Murder by Mistake.”

Short Film “Cold Water”

It was a great experience working with Larry. He was the first person on location and was always prepared to deliver his performance. A true professional and he drives an awesome car!
Looking  forward to collaborating with Mr. Dotson again when the opportunity presents itself.
Joe Arenas Director Cold Water